Meet Cecilie


Before I tell your story, here is mine...

Photography is the art of visual storytelling and it is my passion.


My calling for photography came at a young age. My grandfather was a professional photographer for National Geographic and left me his dark room equipment when he passed away. I was (and I am still) so inspired by his legacy that I fell in love with the profession. As young, aspiring photographer, I enrolled in any photography classes that I could find to sharpen my skills. Whilst in high school, I was asked to shoot my first wedding and experienced the amazing beauty of something so special: capturing those precious moments so that they can live forever. Since then I have never looked back and have been fortunate to shoot under several reputable photographers and have had my work published in several magazines and newspapers, and online projects.


Today, many years later, as a professional photographer, I still get excited about every session - excited about the emotion that can be captured on camera. I want my photographs to take you back to that special moment, for you to relive that special day and feel the rush of emotion all over again. Every time I hold my camera before a client, I feel privileged that they trust me to tell their story. I love what I do and cannot wait to tell your story - taking a piece of life to hold still for you and yours forever. Please reach out to me to learn more about how I can tell your story.